Special Needs in Coeur d'Alene, ID

Every child is unique and deserves to be treated in a place where they are as comfortable as possible and by a dental team that ensures appropriate accommodations.

Customized Patient Care

At Kids Dental we strive to help all of our patients feel cared for and as comfortable as possible. Longer appointments, quiet room appointments, or using a toothbrush instead of a prophy brush during cleanings are some of our commonly used accommodations.

Children living with special needs should also have cleaning and exam appointments every 6 months to catch cavities and other problems in the early stages. For some children the dentist can be intimidating so more frequent “Practice Visits” may be helpful. A practice visit allows patients and their families to tour the office and become more familiar with the team and the dental office.

Would your child benefit from any accommodations or a practice visit? Contact Kids Dental and we will develop a solution together.

Is your child in need of an exam or other dental treatment? We can help!