General Anesthesia in Coeur d'Alene, ID

General Anesthesia, also referred to as “Sleep Dentistry,” allows patients to "take a nap" while all indicated dental treatment is completed in a single appointment.

This treatment option may be recommended for patients who require more extensive dental treatment but are unable to tolerate treatment with Nitrous Oxide Sedation alone. A child under General Anesthesia is managed by an anesthesia team with extensive training and experience in keeping patients safe during treatment. Sleep Dentistry can also be beneficial in preserving the developing psyche of a child as they can confidently return to regular cleaning and exam visits after dental work is completed under general anesthesia. If general anesthesia is recommended, parents will receive pre-surgery instructions and patient care guidelines prior to the general anesthesia appointment.

We understand that choosing the best treatment option for a child can be a difficult decision. Kids Dental is happy to take the time to thoroughly discuss each option in order for parents to make a decision that they are comfortable with.

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