Preventative Dentistry in Coeur d'Alene, ID

Did you know the enamel, or hard outer layer of the tooth, is much thinner on baby teeth? This means cavities advance more quickly on baby teeth than on adult teeth. The good news is cavities are preventable!

The advancement in dental medicine to repair cavitated teeth is truly amazing.  However, it would be better if we didn’t need to repair the cavities in the first place!  Through effective homecare and preventative services, we can help prevent the occurrence of future cavities. Little changes can make a BIG difference when it comes to cavity prevention.

Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

  • Good oral health in childhood leads to better overall health in adulthood
  • Decrease the likelihood or prevent the occurrence of cavities
  • Early diagnosis of cavities in the incipient stage
  • Catching cavitated lesions early so treatment can be more easily completed
  • Evaluation for other possible oral issues: pathology, airway, oral habits, skeletal and dental development

Preventative Dentistry Services

Is your child in need of an exam or other dental treatment? We can help!