Teen Dentistry in Coeur d'Alene, ID

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth I brushed her teeth with sugar? Your child may not be brushing their teeth with sugar, but some dietary habits can be just as damaging.

Teens & Teeth

By the teenage years, all teeth are permanent. Also during this time teens gain more individual responsibilities including the dentally important dietary and oral hygiene habits. Regular dental exams are essential to catch cavities early in order to avoid possible cavities and infections that can have a lifelong impact on oral health, aesthetics, and even bone levels. The teenage years are an important time to create healthy homecare habits!

Unique Oral Health Factors for Teenagers

  • Greater cavity risk due to orthodontics, hygiene, & dietary habits
  • Increased rate of gum disease
  • Negative impact of hormonal fluctuations on gingival health
  • Facial skeletal development is completed and the opportunity for correction of some issues may pass

Do you have concerns about your teen’s oral health and their dietary and oral health habits? We can help!

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